Client Requirements

The problem they encountered was that most of their sites are on rough terrain, at various places in Scotland and the units needed to be road legal to be towed between them. They also still needed to be hardy enough to move around the site whatever the conditions underfoot. When cleaning onsite they can be some distance away, therefore a long hose was required. They found that they suffered blocked drains on a regular basis, so with the addition of the on board drain jetter they could get the job themselves quickly and in a more cost effective way.

Key Goals

  1. Can be towed between sites
  2. Must be road legal
  3. Hot water power cleaning
  4. Cleaning at a distance from the machine
  5. Unblocking drains quickly and efficiently
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The Solution

We built two units for them, each unit consisting of an Ifor Williams trailer with a welded frame covered in a canopy. Inside the trailer is a 1000 litre water tank and a frame containing a diesel engine with hot water power washer unit, along with a 30 meter high pressure hose on a hose reel. Along with another reel containing drain jetting hose.  The bespoke units tick all the boxes for the customer and travel from site to site across Scotland.

Key Results

  1. Substantial, road legal trailer that can be towed between sites
  2. On board 1000 litre water container
  3. On board diesel engine and hot water power washer unit
  4. On board 30 meter high pressure hose on a reel for cleaning at a distance
  5. On board drain jetter to unblock drains quickly and efficiently