About & Specification

Heavy-duty HATZ diesel engine power washers. Electric start and twin outlet options for dual operation.


A key feature of the THOR is the unique Vibroflex torsional drive coupling.  Located in-between the engine and gearbox it eliminates the on-off stresses and snatch effect that can occur when a conventional hollow to solid shaft drive system is used.


Standard features
-Powerful Hatz twin cylinder diesel engine
-Interpump 66 series pump
-Heavy duty power washer
-Designed for use in the most demanding environments




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  15/500 18/400 29/250 41/200
Water Flow 15lt per minute 18lt per minute 29lt per minute 41lt per minutes
Pressure 500bar, 7250psi 400bar, 5800psi 250bar, 3625psi 200bar, 2900psi
Motor Specification 23.1hp, 1450rpm 23.1hp, 1450rpm 23.1hp, 1450rpm 23.1hp, 1450rpm
Tank Size 7ltr 7ltr 7ltr 7ltr
Weight 200kg 200kg 200kg 200kg
Dimensions 120x70x80cm 120x70x80cm 120x70x80cm 120x70x80cm