Thermobile ITA

About & Specification

Very high quality Oil fired indirect heater range that give 100% clean and dry heat. Available in a range of sizes delivering between 85,000 btu/h and 230,000 btu/h


This range runs on diesel or kerosene and produces an output temperature of circa 50°C. They produce a very clean heat by ducting warm fresh air into the area that needs to be heated whilst removing any unwanted gasses through a flu (chimney). Their durable, phosphate body panels and double skinned design allow for outdoor use and they can deliver a 20-50% longer run time than their competitors.


These highly mobile heaters are perfect for:

Building Industry
-Heating and drying locations and all-weather projects
-Drying of buildings after flooding

-Heating of transit sheds, workshops and warehouses

Marquees Heating
-Especially suited for heating marquees, showrooms and sports halls

-Heating stables, sheds and workshops
-Drying of agricultural products
-Storing flower bulbs without risk of harmful ethylene emission

-Heating of greenhouses and polytunnels
-Heating sorting areas

Motor Trade
-Heating workshops, body preparation areas and spray booths

-Ready to use as a mobile emergency heating at disaster and rescue work

Plus many other applications too

Thermostat control can be added if required.


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Thermobile ITA


  ITA35 ITA45 ITA75
Heat Output (Btu/hr) 85,000 btu/hr 154,000 btu/hr 239,000 btu/hr
Heat Output (kW) 24.8 kW 45.1 kW 70.0 kW
Fuel Consumption (l/hr) 2.4 l/hr 4.5 l/hr 7.0 l/hr
Heated Air Flow (m/hr) 1,500 m/hr 3,000 m/hr 3,800 m/hr
Tank Capacity 40lt 80ltr 120ltr
Power 230v (AMPS) 1.3 amps 3.3 amps 4.0 amps
Weight 58kg 105kg 131kg
Dimensions 125x49x69cm 163x62x90cm 201x65x98cm