About & Specification

Light compact generators with basic configuration and easy to transport.


Striking the right balance between price and performance for the professional.

-Protection oil guard
-Available in Diesel and Petrol


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  E3250 Petrol E4000 Petrol E5000 Petrol E6900 Petrol E4500 Diesel
Standby Power LTP kW/kVA 2.6kW / 2.9kVA 3.1kW / 3.4kVA 4.6kW / 5.1kVA 6.4kW / 7.2kVA 3.5kW / 3.9kVA
Continuous Power COP kW/kVA 2.2kW / 2.5kVA 2.6kW / 2.9kVA 3.9kW / 4.2kVA 6.4kW / 7.2kVA 3.0kW 3.3kVA
Fuel Consumption (l/hr) 0.88 l/hr 1.18 l/h 1.67 l/hr 2.14 l/hr 0.93 l/hr
Voltage 230/115v 230/115v 230/115v 230/115v 230/115v
Running Time (h) 3.52 h 2.63h 3.17 h 2.85 h 3.76 h
Tank Capacity 3.1ltr 3.1ltr 5.3ltr 6.1ltr 3.5ltr
Noise Pressure Level db(A) 66 db(A) 68 db(A) 69 db(A) 69 db(A) -
Power Supply Single Phase Single Phase Single Phase Single Phase Single Phase
Sockets 1x 115v 16a / 1x 230v 16a 2x 115v 16a / 2x 230v16a 1x 115v 16a / 1x115v 32a / 2x 230v 16a 1x 115v 16a / 1x 115v 32a / 2x 230v 16a 1x 230v 16a / 1x 115v 32a