About & Specification

Our best selling hot power washer for all professional and industrial cleaning.


Standard Features
-Heavy-duty steel chassis
-Stainless steel cover
-Large 31ltr easy fill fuel tank with low level sensor
-Efficient M2 boiler system
-High pressure chemical system
-Steam stage with low pressure steam valve
-Professional interpump with ceramic pistons
-Industrial 1450rpm 4 pole electric Nicolini motor
-Automatic stop/start system
-Bypass valve and safety valve
-Burner control with flow switch and thermostat
-Including high pressure hose, single lance and heavy-duty gun



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  12/100 15/200 21/200 9/100 K3
Water Flow 12lt per minute 15lt per minute 21lt per minute 9lt per minute 12lt per minute
Pressure 100bar, 1500psi 200bar, 3000psi 200bar, 3000psi 100bar, 1500psi 100bar, 1500psi
Motor Specification 3hp, 1450rpm 7.5hp, 1450rpm 10hp, 1450rpm 3hp, 1450rpm 3hp, 1450rpm
Chemical High Pressure High Pressure High Pressure High Pressure High Pressure
Shutdown System Auto Stop/Start Auto Stop/Start Auto Stop/Start Auto Stop/Start K3 Timed Delay
Temperature 0-150°C 0-150°C 0-150°C 0-150°C 0-150°C
Power 240v 415v 415v 110v 240v
Weight 120kg 130kg 140kg 120kg 120kg
Dimensions 85x63x100cm 85x63x100cm 85x63x100cm 85x63x100cm 85x63x100cm