About & Specification

A totally unique machine that removes manual elements of cleaning and reaches up to 25 metres. Perfect for high level and deep cleans.


The user wears a fully adjustable and lightweight backpack (2.5kg) that contains a 12v sealed lead acid battery. This is connected to a stainless-steel trolley with puncture proof wheels with a 12v 22 amp lead acid battery and commercial grade pump, complete with 2x 25l water tanks and a 5l chemical tank.

A chemical dosing tap allows the user to adjust the dilution mix of the chemical up to 9%. The solution is then delivered through the high-pressure pump directly to the scrubbing head and gives an incredibly deep clean. The 25m hose is connected to a hose reel housed on the back of the trolley. 

Rotating at 360rpm the Motor Scrubber has been shown to clean 4 times faster than manual methods, is adjustable to any angle and is 100% waterproof. An extensive range of pads and brushes are also available to cover all surface types.


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