About & Specification

Standalone water filtering and recycling system with 1000-litre capacity


Forms part of the larger wash rack units, but also available separately this system can link into pre-existing interceptor or settlement tanks. 

An Innovative, Economical & Green Product, designed to be an environmentally sustainable product.

• More than 80% of the water is recycled
• No installation license required
• Oil, hydrocarbons, solid & water separator system
• Above ground, self-contained design
• Portable 
• Designed for indoor & outdoor use

How it works:

1. Dirty water is pumped from side tanks into the filtering system
2. Big-bag filters collect most of the solids (mud, sand etc)
3. The water is then gravity-fed through a Lamellar filter which collects smaller mud particles
4. Finally, it is gravity fed through absorbing filters for oils and hydrocarbons to be separated
5. The final water tank is for the cleaned water and has a float system for water refilling
6. There is a final cartridge filter for residual impurities up to 50 μm
7. A booster pump then delivers the cleaned water to the pressure washer.


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